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Funded Projects

So far, £10 million has been raised through The Health Lottery in the West Midlands.

Thanks to this money, 250 of local projects have been funded by People’s Health Trust, since 2011.

Glebe Farm Trust C.I.C.

Were awarded £7,611 to deliver a weekly ‘Neighbourhood Club’ for the local community within Birmingham. Weekly sessions will include activities such as healthy eating & lifestyles, tea & chat, arts & crafts, old-time dancing, bongo, quizzes, and board games. The proposal responds to the closure of a local community centre and has been developed via consultations with local people and groups.

Glebe Farm-5.jpg

Group leader Paul Clayton says: “Thanks to this funding we were able to acquire funding to run a ‘Neighbourhood Club’ for socially isolated, vulnerable people within our Community; which was very much needed and well appreciated.”

Ekta - Unity Voluntary Organisation

Were awarded £34,265 to increase the range of activities specifically catering for the needs of older Asian people living in Foleshill. By bringing local people together the project aims to alleviate loneliness and improve the community’s overall wellbeing. Activities will include games, yoga, dance and talks.


Group leader Minnie Basu says: “Being the group leader during this funding period, I can with confidence state that our service users are now well connected with each other and enjoy attending, participating and taking lead on facilitating in group activities, which has made a very positive impact on all service users wellbeing, moreover become confident to engage in other local community activities.”

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